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Vintage Lawton 6 Star B Silver Plated Mouthpiece for Baritone Sax

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Lawton 6 Star B for Baritone Sax
This is a metal Lawton 6 Star B metal mouthpiece for baritone Sax. It plays with fast as lightning response and a brighter timbre. The Lawton is a great piece if you're looking to cut through a noisy atmosphere with clarity and keeping a solid core sound. 
The tip opening on this piece is .110”. This is right around the tip opening of a 7 in Otto Link measurements. There is very little wear on this piece besides some teeth markings on the beak as well as ligature marks, but absolutely no indentations. The silver plating still has a nice clean look to it as well. 
This piece ships out with the original sliding cap but does not have the original ligature.