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Vintage King Zephyr Special Tenor Sax #276248 - RECENT SETUP

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Product ID: 276248KingZephyrSpecTen


HELP, I Want One!

In the photos above you will find an un-lacquered, recently setup, 1945 King Zephyr Special tenor sax, serial #276248. This horn is beautiful, and the iconic engraving is still prominently showing on the front of the bell. 
The Zephyr Special was a step above the already established King Zephyr model, slightly different body bore, retaining the three strap ring feature. The side keys, palm keys, and octave key all have mother-of-pearl inlays, the key touches and pinky key rollers are pearl as well. The double socket neck is sterling silver with a brass brace ornately fastened in 3 places. 
Again this horn has been set-up recently so it's playing spectacularly. Only a few resolders are visible under the palm D key and side F# key guard. The neck has a small divot beneath the octave key, there's evidence of past dent work on the bow and bell.
Physical aesthetic is on point for a horn of this vintage; stripped of its golden lacquer cocoon this horn has been given a second life filled with vibrance. Zephyrus is the Greek omnipotent personification of the gentle west wind, responsible for bringing spring and summer warmth. In many ways, the Zephyr Special lives up to its namesake, bringing warmth and brilliance effortlessly through a free-blowing sterling neck. The bore design seems to be the middle ground between the sweet playing Zephyr, and the flagship model Super 20.
If you are a player who enjoys the extraverted nature of King horns, take this one into consideration, Zephyr Specials aren't very common, especially in playing condition. This horn ships with a plastic box case and its original neck.