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Vintage King Zephyr Special Alto Sax in Original Lacquer, Serial #266737

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Zephyr Special – Pearl Side Keys
This is a vintage King H.N. White Zephyr Special alto saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 266737. These “Zephyr Specials” are a unique and sought after item for collectors and King enthusiasts. This one features a triple neck strap ring, open faced bell guards sterling silver double socket neck and pearl inlays on the side, palm, G# and alt F# keys. Like any good Zephyr they play with a super quick response to air flow and have a punchy sound with a brighter color. 
The body of the saxophone is in fantastic physical condition. While it is not in mint the original lacquer has excellent coverage with the proper dark hue. Looking over the it closely there is some modest finish wear in all of the normal areas as well as having had some dings removed around the bow and lower body.  The only solder repair on the alto was a few very small touch points around the alternate F# key guard. This work was done professionally and is very hard to spot unless you know what you are looking for. The bow cap is in great shape and was never pushed in. This saxophone is with the original double socket sterling silver neck which also has a matching serial number stamp. The neck is in very good condition and has never been seen any major repair and it has never been pulled down. 
This alto is one very sweet playing instrument! It is crisp in response while producing a colorful rich sonic character. These are exceptionally free blowing instruments and feel great to play from behind the horn. It was mechanically overhauled in the last year by Mike Filice. The alto is still in outstanding playing condition with premium leather pads and metal resonators. All of the pads and resonators are still in new condition. 
We do not come across these horns very often and it is a real treat to get one with nice original lacquer. This saxophone ships in a newer protec contoured case.