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Vintage King Vox Octavoice I Clarinet - Effects for Wind Instruments with Electronic Pick-up

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Vox Octavoice I
This is a vintage King Vox Octavoice I from the 1960’s. The device was originally designed for use by an electronic pick-up going into a clarinet. But it also functions with the same saxophone pickups of the period. The functions of this unit allow for dropping of the octave one octave (bass) or two octaves (contra bass). It also has an additional filter that applied an oboe like sound. These units run off a 9v battery. It takes an 1/8 inch input and goes 1/4 output. 
This item has not seen regular use since the 1970's. We did our best to test this device in our shop and it does seem to be functioning at this time. But as we do not see many of these and do not work with electronic devices here we can unfortunately not provide any more information. Item ships in as photoed in as is condition. Because of the unique nature of this device it is somewhat of a collectors item. If you were planning on using it for long term use you would be best served taking it to someone who was familiar with working on electronics. 
Please let us know if you have any questions.