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Vintage King Super Silver Sonic Tenor Saxophone – Stripped, Serial # 418967

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Product ID: 418967KingSuper20Ten


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King Cleveland Silver Sonic Tenor
This is a vintage King Super 20 “Silver Sonic” tenor saxophone made in Cleveland, serial number 418967. These tenors are extremely free blowing and powerful players. This one is a particularly exceptional player. It will take a lot of air in very fast and is the kind of horn you can physically feel vibrating under your fingers. This is not prettiest horn but is in solid physical condition and is a fantastic player.
At some point in the past a previous owner of the saxophone had all of its finish stripped off. The sax does show the original King engraving clearly around the sterling silver bell. The body tube, bow, bell and bow cap are all in great condition. There has been some past solder repair work to some of the key guard feet as well as the octave pip on the upper side of the body tube and the palm D key holder. This tenor is with the original sterling silver single socket neck. The neck is in good condition. 
The sax came into our shop playing very nicely on an older set-up. Despite the age of some of the corks and felts all of the premium leather pads and nylon resonators look like they have seen very little play time. They have a ton of life left in them.  In order to keep the price tag down on this saxophone we will not be doing a full set-up but will do a bench check on the horn to ensure all the pads are sealing up. 
The Super 20 is a top shelf choice for any pro player looking for a big sound and a lot of power. If you are looking for a great player and are not particular about looks you will not want to miss out on this Silver Sonic tenor in raw brass and sterling.