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Vintage King Super 20 Silver Sonic Alto Saxophone, Serial #501898

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Product ID: 501898Super20Alto


HELP, I Want One!

includes saxquest setup
This is an exceptionally nice King Super 20 Silver sonic alto #501898.  This horn dates back to the East Lake era of King’s production and has the single socket neck as opposed to the double socket that the earlier Kings had.  As the photos tell this horn looks great and showcases absolutely no re-soldiers or any serious past damage. There was some dent work previously done to the bottom bow but as it sits right now it is in perfectly conical shape.  These Silver Sonic horns offered by King were made with a sterling silver bell and neck along with a lacquered body tube. The bell and neck on this particular horn are in excellent condition and showcase very little plating wear save for the very inside of the bell flare, most likely from someone putting a neckstrap in and out over time.  
Sonically, these Super 20 altos are some of the punchiest and most lively horns available on the market.  The horn speaks effortlessly and the sound is fat with a ton of projection, very Cannonball-esque. This horn came to us playing great on a set of pads with a ton of life left, but we are going to replace all the regulatory material to optimize its performance.  By the time it arrives to you it will be playing like a new instrument! Ships out in an SKB hard shell contoured case.