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Vintage King HN White Gold Plated Curved Soprano, Serial #40819

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Product ID: 40819KingGPSop


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King Curved Soprano – 1917
This is a very pretty King Curved soprano in satin gold plate finish, serial number 40819. The soprano was manufactured in 1917. It has seen some use in its day but is in tremendous physical condition especially considering its early vintage. Looking over the horn from top to bottom. The neck and octave key are in good shape with no signs of major past repair. All of the gold plated burnished key work is intact and in good physical condition. There are several keys where the burnished gold has work down to the silver plate underneath. Its body tube, bow, bow cap and bell are all in very good condition and show no history of major past repair. The guards are also intact and in good shape.  
This soprano looks like it was re-padded at some point a very long time ago. Because it has been so long since it has seen any serious servicing or use it is currently not playing. The pads on it now are a very old set of plain white. They are very far past their point of usefulness. Before this sax is going to be ready for any playing it will need to be overhauled first. 
If you have an experienced tech in mind this horn can be made to play once more. We have seen a few of these in the past in playing condition and they have been very powerful and brilliant players. Probably not an instrument great for use in modern situations but a classic playing vintage instrument non the less. Due to the excellent condition of the body and the age of this horn it is also ideal for the serious collector of vintage American instruments. 
Ships in as is condition with the original wood case.