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Vintage Ivory Runyon Model 88 Alto Sax Mouthpiece .065

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Product ID: Runyon88AltoSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

Easy-playing 80s powerhouse.
This is a used Runyon model 88 for alto saxophone. It is made from ivory plastic with no facing stamp and a tip opening of .065"/1.65mm which is about a Runyon 4. This piece features a semi rounded chamber with flat inward facing sidewalls. The baffle is rolled on the tip and predominantly flat going down to the throat. This piece may not have much of a tip opening but its sound is surprisingly complex. Paired with a medium-firm reed, this mouthpiece yields a full sound with a little edge. Response is easy across the whole range of the instrument. Despite its small tip, this mouthpiece is capable of a surprisingly high dynamic ceiling with floor-shaking subtone on the low notes.
Physically this mouthpiece is in great shape, the table still has all the original concentric semicircle milling marks down most of the way down the side rails. And it plays currently so it needs no extra finishing/refinishing. The paint is still prominent on the engravings, and the shank is not cracked.
Players looking to crank out some 80s style horn licks should be interested in a mouthpiece like this as blows easily with great projection and offers near effortless control of volume to the performer. Also, jazz students looking for a decent step up to their tone would be interested in this mouthpiece.
Tip Opening - 0.064inch/1.62mm