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Vintage Ivory Runyon 5 Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece .080"/2.03mm

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Product ID: RunyonWh5BariSep2021


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An Uncommon Runyon
We've never had one of these particular Runyons come through and it has no model stamped. This ivory-colored mouthpiece is, internally, very similar to the Runyon custom, but it takes the already streamlined body of the Custom and somehow makes it thinner and feel even more like a tenor piece. With a 5 stamp for a .080"/2.03mm opening, this takes the normal playing characteristics of the Custom and cranks up the warmth in the timbre, making for a very sonorous, lyrical mouthpiece that never tends too dark or becomes stuffy. It's a great ballade piece and would fit well in a concert band or a big band that plays the old standards.
No ligature or cap are included.