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Vintage HN White King Saxello Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 71435

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Product ID: 71435KingSaxello


HELP, I Want One!

This is a true HN White King Saxello soprano sax, serial number 71435. Considered one of the pinnacles of saxophone collecting, these horns are often out of many collectors' price ranges, but this one can be had for a bargain.


The Saxello is a Bb soprano sax with an attached, tipped neck, and a bell that sticks out 90 degrees from the bottom of the tube, sort of in between a straight soprano and a curved soprano. This horn was relacquered long ago, and done fairly well. Pads are in very good shape, fitted with metal resonators. The work was not done in our shop, but looks decent. It is sealing, and the sax is playing well up and down the range of the instrument. Physically, the horn is straight. It is hard to spot repair work from before the relacquer, but outside of a slightly bent down neck, I see no obvious signs of dent work after the restoration. The bell and bell flare haven't been bent and there are no obvious resolders.


This horn is a riot to play. It has the feel and tonal color of a curved soprano but doesn't feel so “small” in your hands, if that makes sense. As an added bonus, it does ship in a hard case. If you've ever tried to find a case to fit a Saxello, you know that means something!