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Vintage Hard Rubber 'The Buescher Eb' Mouthpiece For Alto - Excellent

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Product ID: BuescherHREb061altmpc072821


HELP, I Want One!

Beautiful Condition!
This is a vintage hard rubber mouthpiece for alto saxophone made by Buescher with a tip opening of 0.061"/1.54 mm. The piece is not oxidized, but has some cosmetic water markings near the shank. There are no teeth markings present on the beak, but light scratches across the body from the ligature are present. Engravings are still prominent, as well as the ligature line. The table, side rails, and rail tip are in perfect condition with no divots.
Sonically this piece plays with a warm dark tone from the flat baffle leading smoothly into the concave side walls and rounded large chamber.
This piece does not ship with a ligature nor a mouthpiece cap.