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Vintage Hard Rubber Simpson Hollywood Tenor Sax Mouthpiece .070

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Product ID: 488Simpson0TenSep2021


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A Crooning Piece
This rare Jimmy Simpson Hollywood mouthpiece was made by M.C. Gregory in the 1940s. It has a streamlined hard rubber body with a beak that is quite thin near the tip, with a long upward scoop. Internally there is just a tiny rollover past the tip rail with a concave floor and a gigantic chamber. The serial stamp is 488 and a 0 is stamped opposite of it next to the table. 
The body is in generally good condition with minimal oxidization, only light tooth marks on the beak and some ligature scratches. The table is flat with minor cosmetic scuffs. The side rails are undamaged, and the tip rail is in great functional condition with two itty bitty dings that don't seem to affect the playability at all.
Our playtest reveals that this .070"/1.18mm opening plays best with a firm reed. Sonically, this mouthpiece is DARK, but in a good, unstuffy way. Articulation is clean and easy. Due to the small tip, the dynamic ceiling is rather low, but this is a great ballade piece.
No mouthpiece cap or ligature are included.