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Vintage Hard Rubber Otto Link 'Early Babbitt' Tenor Sax Mpc - Bunte Custom 7*

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Product ID: EBLink5SBunteTenor


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This is a 70s vintage hard rubber Otto Link Tone Edge “Early Babbitt” era mouthpiece for the tenor sax. Made just after the move to Elkhart but still produced on the original Florida molds before they were replaced, these pieces are basically Florida Slants with a bit more baffle. This piece was originally a 5*, but was later opened by James Bunte, measuring now as a 7* at .105”. Its hard rubber body has oxidized with time, but other than cosmetics, there is little physical wear of note. No teeth indents in the beak, and Bunte's work on the tip and rails is top-notch. Even much of the original factory stamping remains crisp, with little fading.