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Vintage Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Sopranino Sax – Buescher Blank .040” Tip Opening

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With Cap and Lig
This is a vintage hard rubber mouthpiece for sopranino saxophone. It looks like this piece was made on an older Buescher blank and as never stamped. The piece has a medium chamber size with a circular choke point where the throat meets the inner side walls. The tip opening on this piece measures .040”. It looks like at some point someone added in a slight bullet chamber esk shape where the chamber meets the baffle floor.
Physically this piece is outstanding condition. It ships with metal ligature and cap set. 
I did my best to play test this piece. As we do no get a lot of sopranino pieces in there is not a lot to compare it to, but the piece does have a rather brilliant sonic character to the way it plays.