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Vintage Hard Rubber Mouthpiece by Buescher for C-Melody Sax - 0.062in

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Vintage C-Melody Piece Great Condition!
Here we have a vintage hard rubber mouthpiece by Buescher for C Melody sax, tip opening 0.062"/1.57 mm. This mouthpiece is in exquisite condition for being an almost 100-year-old piece, only a small portion of the tip appears to be oxidizing. The table, side rails, and rail tip are all in original condition with no signs of being refaced, there is only one divot in the table, but it doesn't affect the playability and is only cosmetic. The beak has very light teeth markings, and the engraving on this piece is very prominent and deep. 
The baffle is flat and spills into the concave, rounded side-walls and large rounded chamber, giving this piece a deep dark timbre to it's sound. With the small tip opening, this piece is great for heavy reeds.
This mouthpiece does not ship with a ligature or mouthpiece cap.