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Vintage Hard Rubber Buescher C Soprano Sax Mouthpiece .040"/1.02mm

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Product ID: BuescherHRCSopSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

This vintage hard rubber Buescher mouthpiece for C soprano sax looks a little worse for wear, but it plays GREAT. There are some scuffs and scratches all around the mouthpiece and some tooth marks on the beak. The most noticeable flaw is on the right side rail where there are som nicks that could use a touching up.

The mouthpiece measures a .040"/1.02mm opening (appears original) which was on the larger side of what was available at the time. With a medium to firm reed, it plays with a big, warm timbre that has a bit more edge and projection than one usually associates with 1920s mouthpieces.

If you've been struggling to find a good mouthpiece that plays in tune on your C Soprano, this one will do just that for you!