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Vintage Hard Rubber Berg Larsen 90/3M Tenor Mouthpiece - 0.084

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Product ID: HBergLarsenVtgTen903M084


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1950's Berg Hard Rubber
Pictured above is a vintage hard rubber Berg Larsen 90/3M mouthpiece for tenor sax with a tip opening of 0.084"/2.13 mm. This particular piece can be dated to the late 1950s from a few attributes: stone grinder markings on the table, exaggerated duckbill curve on the beak, and a long shank with a horizontal berg logo. Even though it is a 58-year-old mouthpiece, there are no signs of oxidation present, and the original white engraving paint is still prominent.
Physically this piece is in great shape with light teeth marks on the beak and a few light scrapes from ligatures and use on the rest of the body. The table still retains its original stone grinder markings, and the rails and rail tip are in great shape as well. 
Sonically, this piece plays with a punchy warm tone that has a bit of edge to spare. The edge comes from the baffle’s slight roll on the tip while the punchiness is a result of the side walls, and the warmth and depth of this piece can be found in the rounded chamber. The baffle is set to "3", Berg Larsen’s lowest steepest baffle setting. Players looking for a solid jazz tone while being able to scoop up soulful licks and growls on the same piece would dig this particular berg. The tip opening isn't very large, but the piece can project quite well for strictly acoustic settings while providing enough volume for microphones to pick up in a live setting.
This mouthpiece will ship with an Italian made ligature and an original berg larsen brass mouthpiece cap.