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Vintage Hard Rubber Berg Larsen 105/2M for Tenor Saxophone - 0.101"/2.56mm

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Product ID: HBerg1052MTenor0518


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Great Playing Berg With a BIG SOUND
This is a vintage hard rubber Berg Larsen 105/2M mouthpiece for tenor sax, tip opening 0.101"/2.56mm. The particular vintage of this piece puts it in the late 1950s "Duck bill" era, with an extended shank and offset "M". The body of this piece is in great shape with very little oxidation for its age, light scratches to the exterior from ligature markings, a few light teeth scratches to the beak but no indentation.
You can see the stone grinder markings preserved on the table which is a sign that this mouthpiece was not used much in its time; even with a few divots to the rail tip this piece is playing fantastically. The sidewalls of this piece stand out, uniquely they taper outward towards the tip and come into a compact small chamber.
Sonically, this piece gives powerful and soulful tonal energy in the medium-medium hard reed strengths, and added cutting edge from the lighter reeds. The compact chamber and side wall contour give this piece efficiency and projection on the 2nd highest baffle Berg Larsen offered at the time.
As an added bonus, the original Berg Larsen raw brass ligature and the mouthpiece cap will be included with this purchase.