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Vintage Handmade David Guardala Studio Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone .110

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David Guardala Studio .110
Here we have a nice playing early vintage handmade David Guardala Studio Gold metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. For a tenor player in the commercial world these Guardala mouthpieces are often an essential piece of gear. This piece has a very crisp brilliant character and exceptional projection. Definitely not the kind of piece you want to use at the indoor country club gig but if you are in need of power it is a perfect match! 
The piece came to us from the original owner who purchased it from David shortly after he started making them. As  shown in the photos the piece has received a lot of play time since then and shows only remnants of the original gold finish. The baffle on this piece is a little more rounded off at the back then we usually see on a Studio. It does have a close resemblance to a Guardala King baffle. 
Looking over the piece very carefully it shows all the signs it has seen plenty of use in the past. There is a noticeable indentation to the original pink bite plate on one side. It also has a small wear spot towards the top of the profile window/below the tip rail ( see picture ) If you look at the piece with a magnifying glass and a good light you can still partially see David's hand signing but it is definitely hard to make out. I was able to see where it does have SG on it as well as a D on the front of the shank. The serial number is no longer visible but the owner believes the number was in the 60's. Because the piece is not the prettiest at this point we are selling it at a lower premium price. If you are looking for a good Guardala and do not care so much about cosmetics you can pick this one up below the market price.