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Vintage Hand Finished David Guardala King Curtis Silver Plate for Tenor Sax, Serial #975

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Product ID: 975GuardKingTenor


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King Curtis Model .115 – 8*
This is a very nice David Guardala King Curtis mouthpiece in silver plate for tenor saxophone, serial number 975. The King Curtis model features a fairly high floor slope leading back to the bullet chamber drop off. These pieces are super bright players and are ideal for any tenor player in rock bands needing to cut above the electric instruments. The outer body is in nice condition. Its does include the pink bite plate. 
This piece was recently touched up by mouthpiece tech Mojo. There was not any significant work done but the facing profile is now extremely clean. Super crisp table, side rails and tip. The tip opening on this piece measures .115”. 
The mouthpiece does include a Selmer 402 metal 2 screw ligature.