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Vintage H Couf Superba I Alto Sax - Gorgeous Original Lacquer & High F# - Serial # 76056

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Product ID: 76056Superba1Alto


HELP, I Want One!

This is an outstanding original lacquer H Couf Superba I alto sax, serial number 76056. Made by Keilwerth, this horn feels very much like those horns, and has true rolled tone holes throughout. With keywork to high F#, it is a modern alto through and through, and comes in new pads, ready to go for any gig you need.


The original lacquer on this alto is in tremendous shape, well over 95% intact. Most of the wear is on the back side of the bell, and is mostly just scratching and whatnot from honest use. There's one small previous repair, a correction of a bent bell flare at the front of the bell; no resolders or other repairs anywhere. The rolled tone holes have never been filed on and are in excellent shape, and the original neck (with matching serial #) is also great. This sax was recently repadded in another shop, using firm leather pads and metal domed resonators, and it feels fluid and crisp under your fingers.


These Couf horns are hidden gems in the saxophone world, especially the Superba I's with rolled tone holes. It plays very much like a Keilwerth, with that huge, powerful voice, slightly spread but still dialed in, and a warm core from top to bottom. It takes all of the air you can muster and you never feel it lacking. Great power horn. This alto came to us in an old Selmer Saxpac case; obviously these don't offer much (any?) protection, but we'll box it well for shipping. You may want to consider adding a case for longterm durability.