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Vintage Gregory Model A 4A 16 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Sax, Serial# 6945

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Product ID: 6945GregA4AM16Alt814

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4A 16 Small Chamber
This is a vintage MC Gregory Model – A 4A 16 (small chamber) hard rubber mouthpiece for alto saxophone. The piece is in great physical condition showing some normal cosmetic character around the outer body.  Its shank ring is also intact. While the body and beak of the mouthpiece are not the prettiest looking the facing profile is in great shape. There is no major wear of note along the side rails or the tip. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .064” 
These pieces are well liked by players seeking a quintessential “West Coast” sound. They can also be fairly hard to come by which also makes them appealing to collectors. This one in particular plays with a very smooth response and a rather brilliant character. Definitely not the piece to use if you are trying to blow the brass off the band stand. But an outstanding player for small group settings.