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Vintage Florida USA Otto Link 7 Super Tone Master for Alto Sax – Trued by BP .080”.

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Product ID: OlinkFLSTMBP7AltRB


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Otto Link Super Tone Master – Brian Powell .080”
This is a very sweet Otto Link 7 Super Tone Master for alto sax from the Florida USA period. It was recently trued up in the shop of mouthpiece master Brian Powell. The facing work is exquisite and the piece is now playing fabulously. Its inner dimensions features rounded inner side walls and a subtle baffle slope below the tip rail. This is an extremely efficient player. It takes the air in easy and showcases a medium warm sound with crystal clear projection. 
The outer body of the mouthpiece is in excellent condition showing the majority of the original finish. Its original black bite plate is also intact and in good shape. The tip opening on this piece measures .080”. Ships with Otto Link screw ligature.