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Vintage Florida Otto Link Super Tone Master 7* Eric Falcon Custom

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Product ID: OlinkSTM6sBariMVA


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Eric Falcon – Custom Baffle - .115”
This is a Florida vintage metal Otto Link Super Tone Master mouthpiece for the bari sax. This piece has been custom refaced and worked on by Eric Falcon. Eric put in a nice custom baffle, brightening the sound and adding more edge. Originally a 6*, the mouthpiece now measures closer to a 7* at .115”. 
Eric's work on the tip, rails and baffle looks clean and seamless. This is an early an early “no USA” vintage Link, with serial number H59. The mouthpiece shows mild finish wear for its age but has obviously seen no trauma in its life, with no grooves in the original black bite plate and no dings or nicks in the metal body. A great playing piece, with a good amount of bite and power.