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Vintage Florida Otto Link 'Slant' Signature USA .110 – Custom Baffle

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Product ID: OlinkSlantJR110TenTP

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Florida Vintage Tone Edge

This is a very interesting Florida vintage “Slant Signature” Otto Link mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It very faintly shows it was probably originally stamped as a 7*. At some point along the way someone did a custom modification and reface to the piece. It now shows a built in high baffle with bullet chamber, the tip opening measures .110. As one would imagine this piece is a bright and punchy player. Sonically the piece is certainly on the brighter side with a clear forward projecting quality.


The outer body of the piece is in good shape for its vintage. The original white paint has work off but all of the lettering is still visible. In non altered condition these pieces can sell in excess of $1,000. Because this one has been heavily modified we are selling it at a bargain price.