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Vintage Florida Otto Link Slant Signature 6 for Soprano Sax

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Product ID: OlinkSlant6Sop417SM


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Otto Link 6 for Sorpano
This is a killing soprano piece for the serious player and collector alike.  A Slant Signature Florida USA soprano piece in a #6 facing.  Physically this piece is in great condition showing modest cosmetic wear for its age. Even much of the original paint is still on the signature.  
  Sonically, the mouthpiece is a beautiful example of the classic Otto Link sound.  It has tons of projection and the ability to push and draw more volume out of the mouth piece, but maintains a very sweet and dark sound across registers.  The tip and rails are pristine showing no signs of nicks or scratches.  This piece also showcases a very sweet roll-over baffle that explains the projection and brilliance. The facing profile of the mouthpiece is in excellent condition. It looks like someone might have done some touch up work to it in the past. The table, side rails and tip all look very nice and clean. 
The tip opening on this mouthpiece measures .062”.