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Vintage Florida 'No USA' Otto Link Super Tone Master 5 – Custom Reface EF .090”

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Product ID: Olink6STMTenEF58


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Eric Falcon Refaced - .090 Tip Opening
This is a lovely player. Florida vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master 5. It was recently worked on and re-faced by master mouthpiece tech Eric Falcon. The facing profile is now sporting super clean looking side and tip rails. As a player this mouthpiece is externally responsive and does not suffer from the negative resistance which is present with a lot of these older Otto Link pieces. The piece performs with a warm centered sound while maintaining crystal clear projection. This piece does lean a little on the brighter side in comparison to many of the Super Tone Masters we have in the shop lately. 
The body of the piece is in extremely good condition. There is a very slight indentation from previous teeth placement on the original black bite plate. The piece was originally stamped a 5 at the factory. It now measures as a 6 with a tip opening of .090”.