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Vintage Dukoff Stainless Steel Transitional D8 for Tenor Sax

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Dukoff D8 – Transitional for Tenor – Killer Player!
This is a very sweet player! Vintage Dukoff D8 metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone in stainless steel. These pieces were only made for a short period of time and are considered to be fairly rare. This one in particular is a very nice player. It has a clean and balanced response to air flow and a brilliant color with crystal clear projection.
The outer body of the piece is in really good shape and does not show any major wear. Its facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is in very nice shape. There is a little bit of cosmetic character around the table from previous reed placement but nothing too serious. These pieces show case a medium throat opening which leads into a medium long drop chamber and baffle. The tip opening of this piece measures just a little larger then a modern 8 at .112”.