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Vintage David Guardala Studio Gold .100” for Alto Sax, Serial #27

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Product ID: 27GuardSKGAltSR


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Early Serial Number Studio Alto Mouthpiece #27
This is a fabulous vintage David Guardala hand finished mouthpiece for alto saxophone. These mouthpieces are always becoming more and more hard to come by. This one is in particularly nice condition. The outer body shows typical character for a well played piece but no serious wear. Its original bite plate is also intact and in very good condition. The previous owner got the mouthpiece directly from David back in the day. It still features all of David's original hand finishing. The table, tip and side rails are all in excellent condition. 
The tip opening on this piece measures a hefty .100”. This is equivalent to a 8* or a 9 in Otto Link and Meyer measurements. The Studio model has a very air efficient chamber and floor configuration. This is the prefect piece if you are done messing around trying to be heard in over a loud guitar band. These pieces have a serious amount of projection and power. Definitely one of the brighter pieces out there.