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Vintage Conn Stencil Tenor Sax Neck

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Product ID: ConnStencilTenNeckSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

A Bargain Vintage Neck
This vintage Conn stencil tenor sax neck is in overall good condition. There is minimal lacquer loss from scuffs and flaking. Overall the lacquer is about 95%. There are no dents and no resolders. The tenon is true with the normal markings from having been assembled and disassembled from a horn. There is no evidence that the neck has ever been pulled down. 
The shape and dimensions of this neck are a dead ringer for a New Wonder II "Chu Berry" neck and it has Conn's signature individual posts for the key; but it is lacquered (looks original) and the brace is different from anything that we've seen on a NWII, 16M Director, or Pan American so we're presuming that it is from some Conn stencil instrument. If you need a neck for your Chu or other Conn Tenor that won't break the bank, this is a good neck for consideration. It plays great in a NWII and in a 10M, but it will likely need the tenon slightly refitted to fit your horn.