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Vintage Conn New Wonder I Tenor Sax in Gold Lacquer # 77567 - Amazing Tone!

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FAT SOUND - Player's Horn!
This is a 1922 vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder I tenor saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number #77567. This horn is the predecessor to the 'Chu Berry' model and is identical in more ways than it is different. 'Key' differences can be found in the keys, mainly instead of using the body tube to stop key motion there are posts installed up to the back of all the palm keys, and a few of the side keys. The right hand has an alternate G# and Eb trill options. Tone holes are rolled, and the bell keys are split.
Sonically this particular horn plays extremely free blowing and toes the line between bright and dark, leaning towards dark. The sound on this horn is incredible, it doesn't play like the other New Wonders out there, and it's so fun to play!
Physically this horn has been re-lacquered, so the engraving is faded, and the coloring of the re-lacquer is quite interesting as it is similar to the color of the lacquer of the day from when it was made. This horn has seen a lot of repair work and isn't in its most pristine state at this point in time. It is currently playing decently through some leaks on an older set of leather pads and nylon resonators. In order to keep the price down on the horn we are selling it in as is condition. If you are looking to spend some time playing a vintage Conn this is a great way to get into one at a lower price. Because of the age of this saxophone it is not necessarily an advisable item for starting students or for professional use. 
This horn ships with a non original case in as-is playing condition.