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Vintage Conn 10M NAKED LADY Tenor Sax with Rolled Tone Holes - Serial # 316239

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Our Price: $ 2,900.00

Product ID: 316239Conn10MTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Very nice 1946 vintage C.G. Conn “Naked Lady” engraved 10M tenor sax, serial number 316239. This tenor was made in the last year of Conn still rolling their tone holes, making it one of the last great ones. It ships with a fresh pad job from our repair shop and ready to bring years of continued enjoyment to a new owner.


I went back and forth on this tenor in regards to if it is original lacquer or not. Ultimately, I think it is an extremely good factory relac (and we have it priced as such), but I admit I could be wrong on this, and if so, you're getting an original lacquer 10M at a great price! The engraving is absolutely perfect and completely detailed, but the lacquer just has an “off” look to it. Sometimes we see this on original lacquer horns that have been stored in hot attics for years, so that may be the case on this one too, but I'm erring on the side of caution. In either case, the horn is in great shape physically. The rolled tone holes have never been filed on, the original neck has never been damaged, etc. There is evidence of past dent work in the bottom bow (not bad) and a octave key guide has been soldered on the neck, but nothing else to report.


This tenor came to us on old pads well past their life, so the horn is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh restoration. We'll take it apart, clean it, oil it, replace all pads (using metal resonators) and material, and finely adjust spring tensions and key heights for optimal response and intonation throughout.


One of the great things about these old Conns with rolled tone holes is they'll still play ok on very old pads. I played it before it went over to repair, and it sings! Very open and responsive, with a lightning-fast response and spread quality its its sound. Fat and full in the bottom, and it didn't thin out on me as I climbed into the altissimo. Great player, and with our $1000+ repad going in it, it will get even better.