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Vintage C.G. Conn Satin Silver Chu Berry Art Deco Alto, Serial #238448

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Product ID: 238448ConnArtDAlt


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Vintage Art Deco
This is an original Satin Silver finish Chu Berry alto sax with “Art Deco” engraving, serial number 238448. The alto is in great shape and shows off all of the classic Conn Chu Berry features including, rolled tone holes, trill G#, finger nail file G# key in the left hand and the Art Deco engraving on the bell.  This particular alto also has all of the original pearl rollers.
The body of the alto is in very nice physical condition. The gold wash on the bell flare is  in particularly nice shape and has never been damaged. There is a very small pushed in area on the center of the bow cap, the bow itself is still in great shape. This saxophone includes the original Conn neck with micro tuner.  The neck is in great shape and has never been pulled down.  This saxophone is unfortunately missing the left side of the octave key guide located on the upper body tube. ( see picture 13 )
A nice Art Deco in silver plate like this one is a fairly rare find.  These horns are great free blowing players and their sound is highly indicative of the classic jazz age. This one is currently on some very old pads and will need to be re-padded before it is ready for playing. If you know a favorite in mind or are just looking to grab a classic American horn you will not want to miss out on this Conn Art Deco alto.