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Vintage C.G. Conn Original Silver Plate Transitional 6M Alto Sax, Serial #247004

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C.G. Conn Transitional
This is a nice C.G. Conn Transitional 6M alto in original silver plate, serial number 247004. These Transitional models share features of both the M and the New Wonder Chu series. This one in particular has rolled tone holes, gold wash on the bell flare, Art Deco engraving on the bell and the original double socket neck with micro tuner and under slung octave key. It also has the 6M style same side bell keys for B and Bb as well as a Chu Berry style left hand table key cluster.  (Picture ) 
Physically the sax is about as clean as it gets. Its body tube, bow, bell and bell flare are all in very nice original condition. The bow cap is pristine and has never been pushed in. Its original double socket neck with under slung octave key is also in very nice condition and has never pulled down. The micro tuner on the neck is also in perfect working condition. Another shop recently put a pad job on this alto. It now features a newer set of White Roo pads and seamless domed metal resonators. 
These Conn's are highly colorful free blowing players. They are the kind of horns you can put a lot of air into and really push when needed. This one has great projection and a smooth response to air intake. It is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional set-up and regulation. The alto ships out in perfect playing with box hard case.