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Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II Chu Berry C-Melody in Nickel Plate, Serial #M170679

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Product ID: M170679ConnCMel


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1926 Chu Berry C-Melody – As Is Condition
This is a vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” C-Melody saxophone in nickel plate, serial number M170679. The sax is in very nice physical condition. It shows off the original nickel plate finish as well as rolled tone whole construction, trill G#, finger nail file G# key and the micro tuner neck. This Chu also has the preferred alto neck angle. The physical body of the sax is in really good shape for its vintage. Its body tube, rolled tone holes, bow, bow cap and bell are all in nice original condition. Looking over the saxophone carefully I can see no traces of major past repair and no solder work. The original neck is also in good shape and has never been pulled down. There are a few smaller dings on this saxophone but it does not look like it has ever seen any major damage.
If you are looking for a good C-melody these Chu Berry models are the one of the better ones to get. They are going to be more sonically consistent from end to end in comparison to many of the other American vintage C-melodies out there. Like any good Conn from the mid 1920's they are very responsive and free blowing instruments once they are properly set-up. 
This particular sax came into our shop playing through a ton of leaks down to low C on most of its original white pads. It has been quite some time since this sax has seen any attention and is not playing all that well at this time. If you wanted to do any serious playing on this saxophone it would need an overhaul first. We would love to do this saxophone up in our shop but with our current back log of repairs we need to let some inventory go in as is condition. As such we are now selling this saxophone in as it sits for a low price. 
Ships in old Conn wood hard case.