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Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II Chu Berry Alto Sax, Serial #219423

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Product ID: 219423Conn6MAlt


HELP, I Want One!

As is special – Conn Chu from 1929
The body of the saxophone is in pretty straight forward condition. It was re-lacquered at some point in the past. The engraving is still clear across the bell. This re-finishing was likely done a very long time ago. This Conn does showcase rolled tone holes, trill G#, finger nail file G#, back door Eb and original neck with micro tuner.  
As it sits it is playing ok through some leaks down to low C. It looks like the last person to have the instrument had it re-padded in a student shop with a miss match of leather pads. Most of the pads are in decent condition but the overall quality of the work and pads should not be considered professional grade. We would love to do this horn up right but with the overhaul line in our shop being close to 10 weeks we are trying to mover some of our vintage items in as is condition. As such this Conn can be picked up at a low price. 
This saxophone ships in as is condition with he original Conn case.