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Vintage CG Conn New Wonder C Soprano Sax w/ Unique Engraving - Serial # 113283

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Product ID: 113283ConnCSoprano


HELP, I Want One!

This is a unique horn: a late New Wonder series Conn soprano sax in the key of C, serial number 113283. This horn dates to 1923, right before the introduction of the updated New Wonder “II” series. It is a neat old instrument, perfect for collectors looking for an oddity.


What sets this horn apart is some truly unique engraving, all over down the bell and up the tube, and on many key cups as well. The horn was relacquered a long time ago, but the engraving remains crisp and detailed, so it was obviously not buffed hard during the work. The sax does feature rolled tone holes, though unfortunately they have been filed down in spots. It features keywork to high Eb.


The C soprano is the forgotten brother to our standard Bb horn played today. Just like you see a lot of “C Melody” tenors from the early 20th century, the C soprano was fairly popular back then but little used now. Physically, this horn is in tremendous shape, with good pads. It is currently playing through some leaks, but you can squeeze it a bit and get it to seal down to low Bb. With some minor regulation, it can be playing up a storm. We are selling it as-is.


If you are a sax lover with a collection at home, this is a fairly inexpensive model that you can pick up and actually play. It ships in a hard case.