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Vintage C.G. Conn First Series New Wonder Tenor Sax - Serial # 144634

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Product ID: 144634ConnTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder (first series) tenor sax, serial number 144634. This tenor was produced in 1924, just before the changes to the New Wonder line. This tenor is available for a low price, and while it needs some pad work currently, it can be made into a great player again.


The sax is lacquered currently. It was either originally a bare brass instrument and later in its life coated with a coat of lacquer, or it has been relacquered at some point, very hard to say which. The current lacquer is definitely old and aged, and shows moderate wear. The sax does show some history of past dent work in the lower body tube and bow, as well as minor resolder work in that area as well. The horn does feature rolled tones holes throughout, which have never been filed on, and all are in great shape. Keywork is complete with nothing missing, and everything is free with no sluggish or frozen keys. The neck is not original, but it is a vintage Conn neck that is in great shape and fits the horn perfectly. The neck has been relacquered.


This tenor does need pads and an overhaul, as the current set of pads are at the end of their life. With new pads, corks, and felts, this can be a tremendous player and a great bargain! I've played plenty of great Conns from this era, and I'm always impressed with their response, and just how big they feel.