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Vintage CG Conn Elkhart IN Curved Soprano Sax - Keyed to High F - Serial # 25158

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Product ID: 25158ConnCurvedSop


HELP, I Want One!

This is a 1913 vintage CG Conn Elkhart curved soprano sax, serial number 25158. You'd never guess this soprano's age based on its looks. Outside of the metal key touches (predates pearl touches), the horn is fairly comfortable under your fingers, and has newer pads that will last a long time to come. It even features keywork to high F, always a sweet find on older vintage sopranos.


This curved soprano features a detachable neck as seen in the photos, which is a neat bonus since most vintage curved horns are one piece and a bit more cumbersome to pack away. The sax is in impeccable condition, showing no dents, dings, or previous repairs, including no resolders. It was relacquered long ago (or perhaps lacquered for the first time; it was probably originally sold as a bare brass instrument) and done very well. The “newer” lacquer is 99.9% perfect with no major wear of note.


Pads are in excellent condition, fitted with modern brown nylon resonators. You've got to squeeze just a bit here and there, but it is sealing very well top to bottom, and plays down to low Bb. Its response is fairly quick and lively, with a slightly brighter tone. At full dynamics, this horn really cuts. If you like the sweeter sound of a curved soprano over that of your traditional straight model, this is a fantastic option.