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Vintage C.G. Conn Art Deco Satin Silver Cornet With Opera Tuner, Serial #360047

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Product ID: 360047ConnOpCornet


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C.G. Conn Cornet – Opera Tuner
This is a vintage C.G. Conn Cornet in original satin silver finish, serial number 360047. The cornet does show case classic Conn deco and “opera tuner.” This device is to lower the pitch of the instrument from Bb to A. 
The body of the instrument is in decent condition. It does have history of past solder repair and dent work. A few smaller dings still remain. All of the slides and valves are intact and are free moving. The inner valve casings are also in good shape. At some point in time the brass pulling nubs were removed from this instrument. ( pictures 10 &11 ) 
The cornet was just flushed out in our shop and is now ready to play. It does not include mouthpiece or case.