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Vintage C.G. Conn 4H Artists' Medium Bore Trombone in Silver Plate - Serial 89X

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Product ID: 89X4HConnTromboneGW


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Narrow Bore Vintage 4H
Here we have a 1920s vintage C.G. Conn 4H medium bore trombone in silver plate with a serial number of 89X. This trombone may have been manufactured in the early 1920s, but the serial number does not seem to reflect that timeframe. We are offering this horn in 'as-is' condition at a reduced price.
A few measurements to be aware of, the bore of this trombone is 0.485 inch, the bell measures at about 7 inches meaning this trombone is probably close to the 'Artists Medium Bore' model of the 1920s and 30s. The slide is non-original and is friction fit to the instrument, there is a large indentation on the U-joint near the spit valve. The action of the slide is very rough and needs to be cleaned and straightened for a better playing experience. All the resolders are on the slide, as it looks like it was fabricated from a horn from what is now the Czech Republic.
This horn has a small bore and plays with a very dark, yet harmonically complex sonic character, especially compared to modern horns. Projection is this horn's main purpose with a bore so compact, and after a good servicing by a trained repair tech you will have no problem being heard in dense ensemble playing.
Jazz players looking for a narrow bore counterpart to their collection of horns would find good use out of this one, after it has been cleaned and serviced of course. This horn ships in as-is condition with a vintage Conn trombone case.