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Vintage C.G. Conn 40H Gold Plated Trombone, Seria #248695 w/ Micro Tuner

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Product ID: 248695Conn40HGPTbone


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Conn 40H Trombone
This is a 1927 vintage C.G. Conn 40H trombone in beautiful Gold Plate - serial number #248695. These trombones feature a completely conical bell, a bore measurement of .500-inch, and a handy micro-tuner on the slide.
Physically, this horn is in great condition, with a few blemishes, and a slide that's functioning nicely. A few re-solders on the slide lock are evident, the silver is fading around the bell, and there appears to be some scratches on the bell as well. These are the only blemishes to speak of, no crimping of the slide. The slide stalkings are in great shape. 
The bell features a very intricate, floral engraving common to Conn in the late 1920s. The slide features a micro-tuner inside the slide, this is not the normal location. This is to give the advantage of utilizing the cylindrical portion of the slide to add length for tuning to allow the rest of the horn to remain truly conical. The extra-long slide bearing prevents slides from sagging in lower positions, and the bell is set back closer to the player's head for easy mute swaps.
Right now this horn is playing decently but could use some a flush and minor servicing to ensure it's at its finest playing condition. This horn does not have a lot of resistance for being .500-inch bore and can really put out a big sound. The tone is very compact, rich with harmonics, but not too bright.
Players looking for a vintage horn with a beautiful, lush, dark tone would be right at home playing this trombone. It ships in as-is playing condition with its original case, matching slide, a gold-plated cleaning rod, and marching lyre.