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Vintage C.G. Conn 30M Connqueror Tenor Saxophone, Serial #295456

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Product ID: 295456Conn30MTen


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Low Priced Conn 30M Tenor
This is a vintage C.G. Conn 30M “Connqueror” series tenor saxophone, serial number 295456. The 30M was considered by many to be the most prestigious pro model made by Conn. These saxophones feature rolled tone holes, sterling silver key touches as well as a large number of adjustment screws. The 30M Connqueror is hands down one of the most free blowing horns ever made. 
This particular 30M shows a life of a lot of past play and some history of repair.  It was re-lacquerd a very long time ago and shows a moderate amount of wear to its current finish. The re-finishing was done very well and show the proper dark lacquer tent. It also still clearly shows the “Naked Lady” engraving on the bell. The sax has had some history of normal dings and dents being removed over the years with but shows no signs it ever received major trauma. A previous owner had the back door Eb key removed and sealed with a penny. ( photo 29) This saxophone is sadly not with the original neck. But it has been paired with a good vintage Conn neck with funnel octave pip. The neck like the horn is not he prettiest and has seen some solder repair to the lower brace. But as it currently sits is in great physical condition. 
This saxophone was professionally overhauled in 2018 with a set of black Roo pads and metal domed resonators. The saxophone is currently in our shop in line for a pro set-up. The set-up will include a precise adjustment and regulation of all the key work to ensure everything is performing at 110%.  
The Conn 30M is known for having a huge free blowing sound and this tenor in particular is no exception. It takes the air in very quick and produces an exceptional amount of power. If you are looking for a American vintage power player the 30M fits the bill very nicely. This saxophone ships in perfect playing condition set up on its current set of black rood pads. Includes an after market case.