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Vintage C.G. Conn 10M Original Silver Plated Naked Lady Tenor Sax, Serial #311959

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Our Price: $ 3,795.00

Product ID: 311959Conn10MTenSilv


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Conn 10M Naked Lady 1945
This is a great vintage C.G. Conn 10M Naked Lady Tenor in original silver plate, serial number 311959. If you are looking for a great playing 10M with a darker sound this one is going to be hard to pass up. The last owner played it regularly and kept it professionally maintained over the years. It has all of the classic Conn features including Naked Lady engraving and rolled tone holes. This one also shows off the original pearl rollers on both the right and left hand table keys.
As a player it takes the air in super quick and has a tremendous free blowing response. This is the type of horn that can flourishes in a smoky ballad setting just as easily as it can be pushed hard for lots of power and projection. These horns are especially ideal for anyone who is really into the fat tenor sound of the 1940's and early 50's. The robust open sound of these horns also makes them great for use in modern rock and blues. 
The physical body of the saxophone is in great shape with over 90% original silver coverage. Its gold washed bell flare is also quite striking as well. The tenor shows  history of being an actively played saxophone but has never seen any major repair or trauma. The body tube, bow and bell are in great shape. The bow cap was very slightly pushed in at some point in the past. All of the key guards on the sax are in great condition as well. This saxophone does include the original neck. The neck has a few cosmetic dings here and there but has never been seriously damaged or pulled down. 
This tenor came into our shop on a nice set of leather pads and metal resonators. It is currently in line waiting to receive the Saxquest professional set-up. The Saxquest set-up will include a dissemble, cleaning and precise key regulation. It will also include smoothing out the small and hard to see dings around the bow as well as replacement of the cork and felt work. Something to also be noted about this horn is that it has some pretty nifty aftermarket touches that make the playing experience better. It has a neck strap ring bar added so that the horn sits lower when played.  This is done because the factory conn strap ring is placed such that when played, the neck sits at a much different angle than a Selmer or a modern horn.  The added bar alleviates that and makes it more familiar feeling to play if you aren't accustomed.  Another add-on is the thumb rest.  Factory Conns came with a metal thumb rest that is non adjustable and can be very uncomfortable for some.  The previous owner added a black plastic Selmer style thumb rest to the instrument that includes an adjustment screw.
Do not miss out on this exceptional Naked Lady tenor sax! Ships in perfect playing condition in a contoured case.