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Vintage Bundy Special H&A Selmer Alto Sax - Made by Couf, Serial #47774

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Product ID: 47774CoufBundyAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Professionally Overhauled
This is a the prefect alto for the pro player on a budget! Vintage Bundy Special alto saxophone made by Couf, serial number 47774. These saxophones were made for Bundy (Selmer) by the Couf company in Germany. The construction on the Bundy Special is very sturdy and features rolled tone holes and comfortable key work. These saxophones are quite free blowing and are very powerful players. Sonically they are on the brighter side of the color spectrum. Their sturdy build and powerful characteristics make them an ideal choice for funk, blues and straight ahead players who need plenty of volume.  
This saxophone is not the prettiest horn in the shop but it is in solid physical condition and really has it where it counts. It was just fully overhauled by Derick Tramel. It is now in perfect playing condition and shows off a brand new set of premium leather pads, metal domed resonators and all new cork and felt materials. The body tube, bow, bell and original neck of the sax are all sitting in excellent condition showing history of past repair. At this point a lot of the lacquer is off of the saxophone. Its bow cap is in great shape and does not show signs it was ever damaged in the past. The original plastic clothes guard is with the saxophone as well.  
This is a tremendous playing alto and for the price it simply can not be beat. Ships out ready to play with contoured case. 
If you have any questions about this saxophone please feel free to send messages directly to zac@saxquest.com.