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Vintage Buffet Crampon Paris Super Dynaction Series Tenor Sax - Serial # 9735

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Product ID: 9735BuffetSDTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is an early vintage Buffet Super Dynaction tenor sax, serial number 9735. This tenor was chemically stripped awhile ago in an effort to open up its response, and it definitely worked. If you are looking for a solid player at a low price, this tenor is worth considering.


The Super Dynaction is one of the most popular horns Buffet ever made. It takes the classical French sound and opens it up, in a package that is bigger and bolder sounding than your typical classical sax sound. This tenor, having been de-lacquered, has a great response and is slightly brighter than you'd expect from a Super Dynaction. Physically, it is in solid shape. It has some minor past dent work and repair, but nothing crazy, and any previous repairs have been done professionally and are good.


Pads are still in great overall condition, fitted with flat metal resonators. The horn is sealing well and the pads have lots of life left in them. In order to keep the price down, we will not be doing our full pro set up on this tenor, but our techs will give it a once-over and make sure the pads are sealing properly and that the tenor is in good regulation when it ships. It is currently in a large Protec tripac case, with room for clarinet and flute cases inside.