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Vintage Buffet Crampon Paris 'SA' 18-20 Model Tenor Sax, Serial #2198 - Restored Silver and Gold Plate

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Product ID: 2198Buffet1820Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Buffet SA 18-20
This is a beautiful Buffet Crampon “SA” tenor saxophone in restored silver plate, serial number  2198. The SA features standard key work from low Bb to front F and also has a trill G# in the lower stack keys. This one is with all of he original key work as well as the original key guards and neck. 
The SA is the model from the 1940's which pre-date the Dynaction and Super Dynaction models. This one is in a very pretty silver plate with gold wash bell accent and gold plated neck. It had a previous restoration of the silver finish on the body along with the gold wash on the bell flare and gold plated neck. The saxophone was also mechanically overhauled at that time and outfitted with leather pads and metal resonators. It does not look like the sax has seen too much use since the restoration. It is impossible to know the exact history of he horn with a new finish. But as it sits the current finish shows no history of major past repair and there is no evidence of past re-solders. It is also with the original neck which has been gold plated.
The tenor came into the shop playing on its current set of pads with the original metal rivet resonators. As a player it has an ultra deep sonority and dark color. In order to ensure the sax goes out in perfect playing condition the sax is currently in line to receive a pro set up in our shop. The set-up will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by a thorough regulation of the key work. While the horn is apart the tech will also replace any needed materials that are not up to our standard. 
Saxquest gets a large number of the Dyanaction and Super Dynaction models but this is the first true SA we have seen in some time. A fabulous item for a serious collector of vintage French saxophones. Please take a look at the photos and check out the play test video of Ben test driving this sax in its current condition. 
Ships playing in perfect with a good wood hard case.