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Vintage Buescher True-Tone Silver Curved Soprano Saxophone #176706 - Keyed to High F!

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Product ID: 176706BueschTTCurvSopSil

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1925 Vintage with High F Key!
This is a Vintage Buescher True-Tone satin silver curved soprano saxophone with a serial number of #176706. This saxophone plays with keywork to low Bb up to palm F, rare on sopranos of this vintage. The silver finish is completely in tact besides a small scrape near the thumb rest. The body tube is in perfect shape aside from a slight pull down in the neck, and the bow has a small dent in it, the bow cap has never been pushed in or reshaped though. As it is this horn is playing on old materials and pads, it will ideally need a complete overhaul to be back in perfect playing condition. 
This is a great saxophone for any commercial and jazz players wanting a beautifully playing soprano on the darker side for sure with good balance in its tone and a colorful timbre. Just feeling the history of a 100+ year old soprano while you play is a lot of fun. Ships in its original Buescher box case in As-Is condition.