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Vintage Buescher True Tone Gold Plated Curved Soprano Saxophone, Serial #130614

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Product ID: 130614BueschCurSop


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Gold Plated Buescher True Tone 1923
This is a lovely vintage Burnisher True Tone gold plated soprano saxophone, serial number 130614. These 1920's vintage sopranos play with a rich free blowing quality. This one in particular is a blast to play. It has a real sweet timbre and takes the air in nice and easy. If you are looking for a classic item to play around the house this Buescher is a perfect choice and a fine example of American craftsmanship. 
The soprano is in outstanding physical condition sporting its original gold plate. Looking over the instrument closely there is one post that shows a possible re-solder near the low C and Eb key assembly. There is no signs of other serious repair or dent work on the sax. The body tube, bow, bow cap and neck shaping are all in great original condition. The construction of the Buescher features key work from low Bb to high Eb and straight tone holes. 
Another shop more recently re-padded the soprano with leather pads and gold metal resonators. In order to keep the sales price at a premium we are not going to do our pro set -up on the sax and sell it playing as is. Don't miss out on this real beauty from the Jazz Age.