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Vintage Buescher True Tone Curved Soprano Sax in Original Silver - Serial # 111900

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Product ID: 111900BuescherCurvedSop


HELP, I Want One!

1922 vintage Buescher True Tone series curved soprano sax in original silver plate, serial number 111900. This soprano honestly doesn't appear to have seen a whole lot of playing time in its life. The original silver is in tarnished but in tremendous shape, and the sax shows no history of serious past work.


It's hard to believe that these old horns are getting to be 100 years old now. It features keywork to high Eb, as most of these old horns did, with a fixed neck (it does come in a vintage case that fits the horn). The original silver plate looks great, with gold wash in the bell. No dents and no resolders. Pads were replaced a few years ago, fitted with brown plastic resonators. The horn is playing pretty well but could use a fresh adjustment. With our repair shop backed up for months, we are selling this soprano in as-is condition.


I've always been partial to curved sopranos; they seem more “sax like,” and some of that is probably just perception, since the sound is coming back to you from an angle that you are used to on alto and tenor. This soprano in particular has a very warm, slightly darker tone, with an easy feel. Overall, definitely more spread than focused. A solid soprano for lovers of these old vintage horns.